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This section can be used to draw attention to something. You have the options of yellow or blue background colors and you can add clickable buttons (use your formats dropdown for options). Center align text in these sections.

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One Column (H2)

The PageBuilder blocks provide you with the flexibility to make each page unique while staying consistent with the design of the rest of your site. You have several options for your PageBuilder blocks. You’ll click on the “Add Section” button or the + sign in the right upper corner of each section to add a layout.

This is your One Column section. You can choose the Content Width and Background Color. You can also set it to appear as the header for the next section by switching the Intro toggle to yes. Widths of 8/12 or 10/12 are great if you want the content centered on the page. If you want the content more full-width and lined up with the next section, I would recommend making it 12/12.

Greater Cleveland Congregations
FHC Juneteenth Event
FHC Adult Outdoor Events

Two Column (H2)

For the Two Column section you have all your formatting options and can choose any widths for the columns. You can have two columns of content or a picture and content. The pictures used in this section are 800 x 600 px for single or for collage use 560 x 670 px, 800 x 600 px, and 1920 x 1080 px. (.jpg images work best). If you need a transparent background in the case of uploading a logo, you can use .png files.

You can use the Vertical Alignment tool to center the columns vertically. Reverse mobile order if the image appears in the second column.

Content Blocks

For the content blocks section you have various layout options you can select – Images and Icons. You’ll simply select the blocks per row, layout, and background color.

Content Block 1 (H4)

You can add information in content blocks. Choose your Layout option (Images or Icons), background color, or add the yellow bar by checking the box at the bottom.

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Adding Blocks

You can add new blocks with the + sign or “Add Block” button. All your formats and button options are still available. You can also change the amount of block by using the Blocks per row slider



When you add an image, they should all be the same size. For images you can start with a 600 x 600 square image.


For icons, I would recommend using a png with a transparent background. The icon should be centered on a 128 x 128px canvas.

Job Posting at Forest Hill Church for Bookkeeper

  FHC Part-time BOOKKEEPER Position Overview: Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian, a progressive and diverse congregation in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, is seeking a part-time bookkeeper. The position reports to the Pastor/Head more... more..

News from the Texas-Mexico Border

Nearly one year ago, Pastor Abraham Barberi, founder of One Mission Ministries in Brownsville, Texas welcomed the FHC Immigration Task Force travelers to the Texas-Mexico border. FHC then invited Pastor more... more..

At the Intersection of Environmental & Racial Justice

When bad water, air pollution, and land degradation exist, local people suffer, especially minorities and low-income groups. And most often, big corporate interests and politics determine the action or non-action more... more..

Upcoming Events

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Creating Racial Equity Audit Recommendations


Creating Racial Equity Ministry Binder


Creating Racial Equity Ministry Mission Statements


Creating Racial Equity Report Summary


Lenten Faith Practices for Families


“Sharing Place” by Steve Sedam

Image Overlay

You can add content with an image in the background. This works best with landscape photography at a 16:9 ratio (1920 x 1080). I start with a width of 1920 px and you can adjust the height as needed for the composition of your photo. You can select where you would like the copy to appear (left, right, or center).

Call to Action

Navigation Blocks

These navigation blocks are featured on the homepage, but you could use them on any page (excluding post-type pages) since they are part of your PageBuilder. Use 1920 x 1080 px images and be mindful of the length of the nav title (the shorter the better).

Expandable Content

  • What can I adjust with my PageBuilder options?

    Each option has things you can adjust like content width or position and a variety of available formats. See some examples of available formatting below.

    • Heading 1 – only use once/page in top header
    • Heading 2 – two-column, featured content, one column, Image overlays CTAs,
    • Heading 2 Reduced – this reduces padding between the H2 and next line
    • Heading 3 – content blocks, long headers
    • Heading 4 – content blocks
    • Heading 5
    • Heading 6
    • Paragraph – body text
    • Large Paragraph – short featured body text
    • Fade Words – used on homepage header
  • What specs should I use for the header video?

    Here are the video specs we use:

    • We recommend a standard size like 1080 x 1920px for the vertical video, and about 10-15 seconds.
    • You will want to make sure the first frame is something we can screenshot to use as the header image for mobile devices and to avoid a flash while the video is loading.
    • It should also be loopable, so that there’s not a sudden cut at the end.
    • There should be no audio track.
    • When exporting, use the ‘save for web’ settings.
    • We will need a .mp4 file and a .webm file at less than 5MB each.
  • How do I reorder PageBuilder blocks?

    To change the position of a PageBuilder block on a page, you can drag and drop the boxes to reorder them.

  • How do I create a button?

    To add a button, write out your button text, highlight it, choose the button style from the formats dropdown and then link it by highlighting and clicking the link icon.


    Button Outline

  • How do I add a YouTube video?

    1. Go to the YouTube video you want to include
    2. Click Share
    3. Copy the link that appears
    4. Go to the website page you want to edit and the section you want to add the video
    5. Switch the tab to Text
    6. Paste the link (you do not have to do the insert/edit link steps like a button or hyperlinked text)
    7. Update the page
  • How do I add a form?

    If you’re using Gravity Forms, you’ll select the “Add Form” button and select the form you’ll like to embed from the dropdown menu. Uncheck the boxes next to display form title and form description.

    Forms must first be created in the Forms section before you can add them to a page.


  • What if I'm not receiving form entries?

    Please notify our team and we can do some troubleshooting to try to pinpoint the issue and find workable solutions to correct it.

    If at any point you aren’t receiving form submissions directly to your email, entries can be checked on the backend of the website if you go to Forms > Entries on any form you have in that section.

  • How do I add a sermon?

    Sermons can be added in the Sermon section. Take a look at the left-hand side menu and select sermons > Add New.

    Sermon Steps

    1. Go to Sermons and select Add Sermon
    2. Enter the title of the sermon in the first field
    3. Assign the date of the sermon
    4. Add any scripture reference
    5. Copy and paste the share link from YouTube into the Video URL field
    6. Upload the bulletin to your media library
    7. Select Add File under Sermon notes and select the bulletin
    8. Assign the speaker
    9. The blank text box and be used for a brief summary if you’d like.
    10. Add the image (first frame of the video) to the Featured Image section – these should be 1920 x 1080 px.
  • How do I add staff members and reorder them.

    Staff members can be added in the staff section in the left-hand side menu. Select Staff > Add New.

    To reorder staff members, go to your staff list and drag and drop to reorder.

  • How do I add an event?

    Events can be added in the Events section. Go to Events > Add New to create a new event.

  • How do I add news or resources?

    You’ll go to news on the left-side menu of your dashboard to add a news article. To add a resource go to posts.


This is the bottom of the page CTA, you’ll want to say yes to Bottom CTA and Full Width options. Most of these throughout the site are dark blue and link to your contact form or other relevant contact information.

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