For the current year, we’re guided by the words of the first Psalm:

They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season, and their leaves do not wither. In all that they do, they prosper.

Psalm 1:3, NRSV

Ways to Give


A Pledge is a commitment to contribute a specific amount to the church’s annual budget for the year. Some people’s household income lends itself to giving on a regular basis: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Other people’s income is sporadic or fluctuating, and they meet their yearly pledge as they can throughout the year. Either way, making a stated commitment for the coming year:

  • enables our leadership to plan wisely and set a realistic budget for the coming year.
  • creates a mechanism for our personal accountability.
  • demonstrates that we are sincerely dedicated to the ministry and mission of our faith family.

Make a Pledge

Designated Gifts

Designated Gifts are financial contributions made for a specific purpose, such as sanctuary flowers, food pantry, education, music, Ron Register Scholarship, etc. When making designated gifts, you complete an online form and indicate the purpose of the gift.

Give Designated Gifts

Give Online

  • Set up an automatic bank payment through your bank’s Bill Pay feature (This method is highly encouraged as the church does not incur any fees.)
  • Pay electronically with PayPal or a credit card. (FHC is billed for associated fees.)

Give Now

Text to Give

Gifts may be made using your mobile phone. To give via credit card, debit card, or bank account (ACH), text the amount of your gift to 216-400-5300.

What does it mean to prosper, not wither, on the banks of the stream of our faith? That’s what each of us is asked to consider this year.

Emerging from the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant time together in the sanctuary for in-person worship again. Outdoor services on the front lawn this summer visibly celebrate our place in the neighborhood and world. The streaming of live services worldwide is now an ongoing feature of our outreach. The Abundance Food Pantry continued to address food insecurity for a greatly increased number of households. Social justice projects such as creating racial equity and GCC’s work on Battle for Democracy voting initiatives are again ramping up. Ministries began to meet again in person and continued work together online. Spiritual education continued in both modes as well. Family, Youth, and Children programming found new ways to keep us connected, having fun, and feeling supported. We’ve truly seen the ripples of our resilience and strength reflected in our work in our neighborhood and the greater Cleveland area. We continue to remain in faithful service to one other as we traverse the unexpected retirement of our co-pastor and to work together in discernment of the next steps of this transition.

As you may know already, nearly 100% of the budget needs of this church are met through congregants’ giving. When you support the church through a regular commitment or giving throughout the year, you are directly funding all that we do together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

  • How does my pledge help support Forest Hill?

    A pledge sustains all the programs and ministries of the church whether directly or indirectly. Direct support to the operating budget pays staff salaries and benefits, building maintenance, utilities, music, and education, etc. Indirect support provides important programs with free use of space, utilities, advertising, materials, supplies, technical equipment, and employee labor.

  • What should I expect the first time I text to give?

    The first time you do this, you will be asked how you wish to pay for your donation. Once you enter your preferred choice, an automatic confirmation will be generated for you. Every subsequent text donation you make will automatically be charged to your preferred payment method. You will receive a text confirming that your gift has been received successfully. It’s quick and easy.

  • Can I mail my donation to the church?

    Yes, you can mail a check to the church:

    Forest Hill Church
    ATTN: Finance Administrator
    3031 Monticello Blvd.
    Cleveland Hts., OH 44118

  • What if I want to arrange a stock transfer?

    Arrange a stock transfer by emailing the Financial Administrator, Nita Clark or call her at the church office: 216-321-2660

More giving questions?

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