Nearly one year ago, Pastor Abraham Barberi, founder of One Mission Ministries in Brownsville, Texas welcomed the FHC Immigration Task Force travelers to the Texas-Mexico border. FHC then invited Pastor Barberi to come to the church in the fall of 2023 to tell about his ministry with assylum seekers at a refugee camp in Metamoros, Mexico.

As a gift to the assylum seekers, Forest Hill Church sent Pastor Barberi boxes full of hand-knit hats for the children and adults living in the Metamoros Camp. Recently, he sent photos of immigrants wearing the hats provided by our church members and friends. He indicated that the hats are greatly appreciated and a need for more still exists. So once again, volunteers are busy knitting hats.

However, if you don’t knit or crochet, you can donate a ready-made hat or consider a cash donation to help with shipping costs and buying hats.

The target date to send more hats is February 15. A basket has been placed in the volunteer office at the church for donations of hats, or send a monetary donation: Here.

Conact Deanne Lentz with any questions.