Our Commitment

Our commitment to racial equity is shown not only by the diversity of the committee representing the congregation, but by the diverse shepherd leaders we solicite and nominate. The work of the Nominating Committee guides the direction and energy of the church.

Currently, this committee meets monthly, as needed.

Nominating members should:

  • Attend church services on a regular basis
  • Attend church social and educational functions as able, in order to meet and get to know others
  • Be pleasant, courteous, and like to interact with people
  • Be able to attend meetings and follow up on assigned tasks
  • Available to contact potential nominees in person and/or by phone
  • Have a basic understanding of all the church ministries and overall church organization
  • Ability to judge who would make a good match for a specific position

How can we help?

Have questions about our Nominating Committee? Get in touch with Jeff Smith, Elder Leader.

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