Sunday Mornings

Following morning worship, Deacons host “Coffee Hour” in Fellowship Hall. A card table can also be found where people can complete a card to be sent to another member or friend of the church. Sometimes deliveries of Sunday service flowers are made to a shut-in or a person who is ill, had a recent hospitalization, lost a loved one, or is even celebrating a happy event.

Meal Train

When a member or guest is in need, Deacons often furnish meals. All members of our congregation are encouraged to participate in this effort, as they are able, and Deacons will arrange transportation, if needed.

Fall Festival

Deacons organize a Fall Festival annually, to kick off the September to May program year.  Held on the front lawn of the church (weather permitting), the festival includes a picnic lunch, decorations, music, and games and activities for all ages. Events like this strengthen our connections to each other and the church as a whole.

Other Fellowship Events

Deacons also sponsor, or co-sponsor, several other fellowship events during the year to encourage people to get to know one another better and foster the ties that bind us together.

FHC Deacon Event for Families

CARE Groups

All these efforts are not accomplished solely by Deacons. A large part of the Deacon Ministry is the CARE Groups (Christ-like Attention Reaching Everyone with Empathy.) The congregation (members and frequent attendees) is divided into CARE Groups. These groups reflect the diversity of races, ages and genders found within our congregation. Every Deacon is assigned to one CARE Group, and keeps in touch with members of the group through cards, phone calls, in-person conversations, etc.

  • What are CARE groups responsible for?

    Each CARE Group is responsible during one month of the year, for performing the hospitality tasks on Sunday mornings, as well as responding to other needs of the congregation. When new members join the church, they are assigned to a Deacon and CARE Group, helping to integrate them into the life of the church.

  • Is becoming a Deacon a good way to meet people?

    Many new members, as well as longer-term members, have found that becoming a Deacon is a good way to meet and get to know members of the congregation.

  • How long do Deacons serve?

    Each Deacon usually serves for three years, with 3-4 people rotating on or off each January. The FHC Nominating Committee is always happy for people to volunteer to be a Deacon.

Want more information?

Contact Kay Dunlap, Elder, for more information.

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