Currently, Justice Ministry members are working to continue to integrate the Ministry with the goals of being a Matthew 25 congregation.

Reorganize Grant Making and Gifts

Use the Creating Racial Equity audit experience to make grant making changes (including sharing grantee information in a way that makes it more accessible to the FHC community and engaging more church members in the community grant-making process).

Deepen Our Work

Deepen our work with and support of Justice associate members and grantees, so that it is more broadly known and integrated into the FHC community.

Encourage Engagement

Encourage connections and engagement within and across the formal and informal Justice work among FHC members and friends. Check out our calendar to see our next congregation-wide gathering!

Community Partners and Ministry Contacts

The Justice Ministry has given grants to amazing and important partners in our community, including the following ministries.

  • Abundance Food Pantry

    The mission of the Abundance Food Panty is to:

    • Provide food and other groceries to our neighbors in need.
    • Promote fresh vegetables and healthy foods.
    • Get to know our neighbors and create a welcoming experience at the pantry.
    • Encourage involvement by our pantry guests in the work that needs to be done.
    • Be very efficient with the funds that we are given.
    • Be respectful of the space and equipment that is being made available to us at the church.

    Interested in serving or learning more? Contact Paul Jennings.

    Food Pantry

  • Earth Care

    Care of the Earth is central to all discipleship and stewardship in our lives and is achieved through encouragement and education, enabling change within our individual lifestyle, church and greater community. Following Christ’s teachings to care for the earth and all its creatures has been a Forest Hill priority for over 30 years.

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  • Greater Cleveland Congregations

    Forest Hill Church is an active member of Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC), a non-partisan organization of more than 30 faith communities and civic partner organizations in Cuyahoga County who work together on social justice issues. GCC challenges Greater Clevelanders to imagine what can be accomplished together by mobilizing members to ensure that collective voices are heard. Through person-to-person organizing, GCC is building the power necessary to create a better, more just Northeast Ohio.

    Interested in learning more? Contact Scott Lafferty or Diana Woodbridge

    Greater Cleveland Congregations

  • FHC Asylum Fund and FHC Immigration Task Force

    The ITF serves as a clearinghouse for issues requiring financial support from FHC’s Justice committees; it makes recommendations and carries out related activities including education of FHC and the community at large about immigration challenges. The ITF also acts as a liaison between FHC and the Heights Friends of Immigrants group with whom they interface around similar goals and objectives.

    Interested in serving or learning more? Contact Sharon Shumaker.

    Immigration Task Force

  • Labre

    The Labre Ministry at Forest Hill Church began in the spring of 2012. After partnering initially with John Carrol University and then the Salvation Army, we eventually established a long-term relationship with a small, drop-in community center, Our Family Home Center, located at the intersection of Lee and Euclid. Our relationship with Our Family Home Center lasted for eight years, until early 2020 when the Center was destroyed by a runaway car. Over the years, FHC volunteers (working with our mission partners from St. Joseph’s Church, Strongsville) prepared and served hot meals for 100-200 people twice a week, along with an annual summer cookout and a full Thanksgiving meal. We provided clothes, drop-in tutoring for neighborhood school children, and financial support to help keep the Center operating.

    Interested in serving or learning more? Contact Jack Breisch

    Labre Ministry

Join a Meeting

We meet via Zoom every month for prayer, planning and work with each other and across the Cleveland Heights and Northeast Ohio Community. Please consider joining us for a meeting or to have coffee to learn more! Reach out to Cynthia Lehman  at 716-830-4330 or Lisa Vahey at 312-520-2763.