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Mayor Bibb made commitments at GCC’s 2021 Campaign Action to address endemic problems in Cleveland neighborhoods. This GCC action meeting will highlight the successes of the Neighborhood Now initiative. In light of recently-announced development plans for downtown Cleveland, GCC will also raise concerns regarding the Mayor’s neighborhood pledge. Also, plans for GCC’s Battle for Democracy initiative for the months ahead will be previewed.

Our FHC Core GCC Membership Team has committed to a goal of 25 FHC members/supporters to attend this event in-person and, as many as possible, to attend online.

Participansts need to register how they will attend (in-person or via Zoom). Please notify Diana Woodbridge or Scott Lafferty that you plan to attend, and then sign up directly with GCC below using the Registration Button.

Email  Diana Woodbridge or  Email  Scott Lafferty

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Elizabeth Baptist Church

6114 Francis Ave., Slavic Village
Cleveland, Ohio