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Eastside Cleveland Students Learn Meeting Facilitation Skills

Recently, nine students from four different eastside schools woke up early on a November Saturday morning to meet at Omega Baptist Church in East Cleveland. They were there to learn about something near and dear to Presbyterians…how to facilitate a meeting! The class was led by Forest Hill member Nathaniel Martin, who is an East Cleveland Councilman and President of the non-profit Eastside Citizens’ Empowerment Foundation.

The Eastside Citizens’ Empowerment Foundation sponsored this class as part of its mission, “to seek areas where individual and group action can make a difference to improve life in the community.” These classes were held to equip students with important skills and knowledge that aren’t readily available to them elsewhere. The students attending were enthusiastic about having the opportunity to learn new skills and also enjoyed the camaraderie of meeting other area students! Forest Hill Church has provided a community
grant to help fund this program, part of which contributed to providing each student a care package of school supplies and reference materials. Additional classes are planned throughout 2024, starting in January.

For more information about this program or the Eastside Citizen’s Empowerment Foundation, contact Nathaniel Martin or Mark Wedell.