As a result of the recent visit to the US southern border by a group of our members, solid friendships developed with many people met along the journey. ITF is excited to announce that this October, Caly Fernandez, the primary contact while the group was in Texas, is coming to Forest Hill.

Caly is the executive director of Puentes de Cristo in Hidalgo, Texas, which is supported by many of the area’s Presbyterian Churches including FPC-McAllen and Presbyterian churches throughout the state of Texas.

She is the glue that binds together all the Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) along the border and she is raises the voice of justice about the plight of the immigrants.

Accompanying Caly on her trip to FHC, is Pastor Abraham Barberi, who oversees Dulce Refugio shelter in Matamoros, Mexico. He also ministers to the migrants at an outdoor camp and is well-known for his work in Mexico with teens susceptible to gang and cartel involvements. His worship services include hip-hop music, which hopefully he will bring to us when he visits this fall.

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